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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Lubbock, TX

Air conditioning systems in commercial buildings in Texas are necessary. The summer heat demands it. Commercial air conditioners need installation and service from experienced professionals or they won’t be able to stand up against the heat year after year—and a sudden loss of cooling to a commercial space can be devastating.

JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning wants to be your partner in the business of keeping your business cooled down in Lubbock, TX and the West Texas Area, no matter how hot it may get. We carry the best products and work on all brands of commercial and industrial air conditioner units. Our technicians are skilled and are ready to help when you need them. We offer up-front pricing and guarantee our work.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

How many tons of cooling does your building need? If you operate a facility that needs 25 tons or under for proper cooling, then we’re the company to turn to for a new commercial air conditioner installation. We specialize in light commercial HVAC, and we’ll find the right set of units to meet the requirements of your facility.

Getting a new air conditioning system accurately sized is an important part of the installation. It might be the most important, since if it’s done wrong, the AC will never work as it’s supposed to, no matter how many repairs it gets. We are meticulous in sizing a commercial or industrial air conditioner, so you can relax knowing you’ll have the best going forward. We’ll get the job done on time and on budget.

Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement

Has your current AC finally come to the end of the line? Is commercial air conditioning maintenance no longer able to keep the system running as well as it once did? Are you calling us for repairs so often you’re thinking of sending us an invite to the holiday party? Then it’s time to schedule a commercial air conditioning replacement with our experts. We can help you upgrade your equipment to the newest in commercial HVAC technology so you’ll have better cooling performance than you did before.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

We offer regular commercial air conditioning maintenance to help our customers maintain their valuable HVAC equipment and keep their bills low and troubles far apart. In fact, a proper maintenance plan from professionals can help commercial HVAC systems reduce their energy consumption by 5%–40%. Maintenance helps a business save money in other ways: it increases equipment life and significantly reduces the amount of repairs an air conditioner may need. Sign up for maintenance with us and we’ll provide your business with thorough inspections and tune-ups for the AC each year.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

No amount of maintenance will stop all possible malfunctions with commercial HVAC equipment. Our technicians are knowledgeable and trained when it comes to repairs for all types of industrial and commercial ACs, and they move fast, completing 95% of calls made before noon on the same day. It’s this responsiveness and reliability that has made JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning one of the most trusted local contractors for Lubbock, TX and throughout the West Texas Area. Schedule the expert air conditioning service you need today.