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Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing in Lubbock, TX

Plumbing is found throughout your house and the property around it. But the rooms where you’ll find the highest concentration of plumbing pipes, appliances, and fixtures are the bathroom and kitchen. These rooms account for the majority of water use in your home. Although you can fix a few simple clogs in the plumbing of these rooms yourself, all other plumbing jobs—kitchen sink repair, new garbage disposal units, toilet repair, work on showers and bathtubs, etc.—must come from licensed plumbers.

The fast, skilled, and trustworthy plumbers for the job are at JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We have served Lubbock, TX and the West Texas Area since 1984 and earned a reputation as a team that gets the job done right. We’ll always arrive on time, ready to get to work with the best equipment available. Ninety-five percent of calls made before noon are completed on the same day—that’s how reliable we are.

Schedule your bathroom and kitchen plumbing work with the finest local plumbers: ours!

Bathroom Plumbing Services

Are you looking for a new bathroom plumbing installation, such as toilets, showers, bathtubs, or sinks? Or even just a new faucet? Maybe it’s time to schedule routine bathroom plumbing maintenance to clear out build-up in the drains and check for hidden leaks. No matter the service, you can put your full trust in our plumbers. They’re not only highly trained and have the right tools, but each is background-checked so you’ll feel safe in your home. Schedule any critical bathroom plumbing installation or other plumbing services with us today.

Bathroom Plumbing Repair

Overflowing toilets, a leaking faucet, and a shower that won’t drain properly are all examples of regular bathroom plumbing troubles you never want to deal with. But even with the finest bathroom plumbing maintenance, you’ll probably run into one of these troubles at some point. No need to panic, since our experts at bathroom plumbing repair will rush to your assistance. A faucet or toilet repair, a damaged sink repair, or anything else—you can consider it done, and done right, once we’re on the job.

Kitchen Plumbing Installation

Our plumbers install the finest products for kitchen plumbing, such as the most advanced garbage disposal units and trendy kitchen sinks. You probably can think of a few kitchen plumbing replacement ideas right now, and there’s no reason to hesitate to call us to schedule the work. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade for how your kitchen functions, or the kitchen plumbing replacement is necessary to stop water damage and other problems, leave it to our local plumbers. We truly do everything and the kitchen sink!

Kitchen Plumbing Repair

JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning encourages all our customers to invest in regular kitchen plumbing maintenance to keep away clogs and other repair problems. But the best kitchen plumbing maintenance—which is what we strive for every time—won’t prevent all repairs. If you run into leaking kitchen sinks, failed disposal, or tough clogs, you only have to call us and take a deep breath knowing the top people are already on the job. We are committed to complete satisfaction with our services to homes in Lubbock, TX, and you are always our top priority.