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Gas Piping Services in Lubbock, TX

Not all the pipes in a house carry freshwater or wastewater. For homes that have a connection to a municipal natural gas line, pipes also carry gas to various appliances: the water heater, the furnace, the stove, the oven, and even the clothes dryer. Like the other pipes in the house, gas pipes must have service from licensed professional plumbers, no matter if it’s a repair for flexible gas lines or basic gas piping maintenance. Amateur work is potentially dangerous.

JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offers service for natural gas piping to households in Lubbock, TX and the surrounding area. We install natural gas piping and other types of gas lines, and can see that you have gas piping repair that keeps your household safe. We are stringent about upholding all local laws and regulations, and we always put your needs first. Trust us with all your gas piping services.

Don’t wait for another plumbing company—call us for service in the West Texas Area.

Gas Piping Installation

Do you want to expand how much you use natural gas in your home? This is an excellent idea since natural gas is a cost-effective way to run powerful necessary appliances like water heaters and furnaces. If you want to add new appliances or you are making changes to your house that require putting in new gas lines and gas pipes, talk to our skilled and friendly team first. We can help you find out exactly what services are best, such as whether to use flexible gas lines or copper lines. Our gas line specialists have the most up-to-date tools and will see that your new installations will work for many years to come without creating safety concerns.

Gas Piping Replacement

Gas pipes wear down over time—even copper lines are only corrosion resistant, not corrosion-proof. If you live in an older home (built before 1970), you may need to have upgrades made to your gas lines. We also recommend gas line replacements when you make significant changes to your natural gas-powered appliances. Our plumbers will inspect your current natural gas piping and advise you about when it’s time for a gas piping replacement. We only hire trustworthy plumbers who are background-checked because we want you to feel safe with following their advice and having them in your house.

Gas Piping Repair

We cannot stress this enough: any type of repairs for natural gas piping must be left to licensed professionals. An amateur mistake can lead to a dangerous situation! If you detect an odor of rotten eggs in your house, it may mean a gas line leak. Shut off the gas and don’t delay calling us to check on repair needs. We’ll put your safety first and won’t leave you with anything but the most complete repair.

You can help put your mind at ease for the future with gas piping maintenance. Call us for inspections so we can catch troubles early. JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is your trusted partner in Lubbock, TX when it comes to plumbing, natural gas or otherwise.