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Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Lubbock, TX

Hidden leaks in the plumbing of residential homes are responsible for massive amounts of water waste across the country. They also create building damage and lead to the growth of harmful mold. Your home may have hidden leaks, and the most insidious and difficult to find is the slab leak, which is buried out of sight.

Finding and fixing a slab leak takes the best professionals with advanced tools. In Lubbock, TX and the West Texas Area, the plumbing contractor for the job is JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning and has been since 1984. We’re locally owned and dedicated to quality work and customer service. When you need slab leak detection and repair, we’ll be there on time and get them done fast but without taking any shortcuts. We offer fair pricing and back up our work.

Call us for speedy, quality slab leak detection and repair in the West Texas Area.

The Slab Leaks: The Underground Water Leak

What is a slab leak and what makes it different from other leaks? It is a kind of pipe leak that occurs underground in the concrete foundation of a house. This makes a slab leak difficult to notice at first. It’s also in a position where it can do extensive damage to the foundation of the home.

There are signs you can watch for that will warn you of a possible slab leak:

  • Cracks along the basement floor
  • The sound of water running where there shouldn’t be
  • A warm basement floor
  • A large increase in water usage on monthly bills
  • The water heater starting and stopping at odd times

If you think you have a leak, check your water meter and record the reading. Don’t use any water for an hour and shut off water using appliances. Recheck the meter: if it’s gone up, you have leaks somewhere and it’s time to call us.

Slab Leak Detection

The first step to repair a slab leak is to find it, or find where else leaks may be happening. Our plumbers have training on special tools to help them discover if there is a slab leak and where it is. They use acoustic listening discs, thermal scanners, and video pipe inspection equipment to pinpoint where the leaks are. They will know exactly where to focus their efforts and the best method to repair the leak once they’ve used these tools.

Slab Leak Repair

Repairing a slab leak may require excavating with a jackhammer to reach the leaking pipes so they can be replaced. But it doesn’t always. Sometimes we can use lateral tools to create a bypass around the leaking pipe. We will look for the best method that will work for your situation and then get the job done fast while creating as little disruption as possible to your house. We’ll respect your home and property and won’t be satisfied with our services until you are.

If you have any suspicions about water leaks in your house, or you would like a routine check for leaks (something we recommend every few years), call JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning in Lubbock, TX. Ninety-five percent of calls we receive before noon are completed the same day.