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Video Pipe Inspection in Lubbock, TX

Plumbers still use many of the same standard tools they’ve used for decades—wrenches will always be useful. But the technology of plumbing has advanced like all other fields, and today’s plumbing contractor needs to be on top of the latest developments if they hope to provide decent service to customers.

We are proud of the tools we use at JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for all the work we do for homes in Lubbock, TX and the West Texas Area. Our video pipe inspection services use the most advanced in digital technology to improve services like pipe repair and drain cleaning. We can use these tools in a variety of ways to make jobs faster and more accurate. You can trust our skilled and background-checked plumbers for the best job every time with the finest equipment available. We also offer emergency plumbing services if you need a leak fixed ASAP.

Don’t wait for another plumber—call us for fast service in West Texas.

Video Camera Inspection

Video pipe inspections are done using a specialized type of camera and fiber optic cable. The standard plumbing inspection device is a miniaturized digital camera and LED light mounted on a lengthy cable; most of these cables can stretch the full length of a water main or sewer line. A plumber inserts the camera down a drain or a cleanout, and the camera sends back images of the pipe interior to a set of monitors. The plumber can look at the monitors and use the data to help with numerous jobs. The plumber can also record the images to play them back for the customer.

Video Pipe Inspection

There are several different plumbing services where a video pipe inspection is helpful. We often use a drain camera inspection to determine what is creating blockage inside a drain. That helps us then determine the best approach to removing the clog and cleaning the drain. It takes out the guesswork and extra time required, which makes the job faster and less expensive.

Video pipe inspections are also useful for helping with pipe repairs and repiping. One of the surest ways of locating a leak in a hidden pipe is to send the video camera into the pipes and look from the inside. We can pinpoint leaks for repairs this way.

Sewer Camera

One of the places where video pipe inspections are most handy is for sewer line services. A sewer camera inspection allows our plumbers to find out what has caused a sewer line to back up. We can identify issues such as tree root infiltration, breaks, and corrosion, and this will guide us toward the next steps, whether repairs for the sewer line or plans for a trenchless replacement. We can also determine if the sewer line needs cleaning thanks to a sewer camera inspection.

No matter what plumbing job you’re looking to have done in Lubbock, TX, you can trust our team and our technology to get it done. JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has been locally operated since 1984 and we put customers first. You can count on a fast response: 95% of calls received before noon are completed on the same day.