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Serving the Lubbock Area

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Why You Should Hire a Pro for Your Drain Cleaning


If you have a clogged drain in your house, whether a kitchen sink, a shower, or a toilet, what do you do?

  • Grab a plunger and try to force the clog out.
  • Take a drain snake (drain auger) and try to break apart the clog.
  • Pour chemical drain cleaner down the drain.
  • Call a professional for drain cleaning.

The first two are good instincts, and we definitely recommend you try them. For simple clogs, they’ll often work. The third is an unfortunately common reaction, and one we wish people would banish from their minds. Chemical drain cleaners are harmful to drains, people, and the environment.

The fourth choice is the only choice that’s guaranteed to get your drain unclogged, so if the plunger and the drain snake won’t do the job, call our professionals and we’ll see the clog is removed with professional drain cleaning in Lubbock, TX.

Going Deeper With Drain Cleaning

But removing a clog is only a localized form of drain cleaning. Full drain cleaning is a preventive method used to clean the drains around your house before they can become clogged. Drain cleaning removes years of build-up inside drainpipes, cleaning organic and mineral deposits that can contribute to aging pipes, reduced water volume, leaks, and other problems beyond clogs.

And when it comes to this type of drain cleaning, you absolutely must call professionals. You can’t go around to all the drains in your house with a plunger or a drain auger and get good results.

Why This Is a Professional Job

The main reason you must have licensed professionals take care of preventive drain cleaning is that the job requires using powerful and specialized tools. Drain cleaning equipment isn’t easily available to the general public because of its expense—but even if you could purchase a commercial drain auger or hydro-jetting equipment, you couldn’t effectively use it without training and safety equipment. 

Commercial drain augers are powerful rooting tools that you may have seen plumbers using. When used correctly, they are extremely effective at removing debris from a drain. If used incorrectly, they can damage or even shatter drains, and you’ll be in a much worse situation than before.

Hydro-jetters are even riskier for non-professionals. Hydro-jetting is the best method for drain cleaning because it cleans out pipes with the natural force of pressurized water. The water blasts scour the drains to a like-new condition. But high-pressure water is also dangerous, and plumbers must wear special protective gear while doing the job. It’s extremely hazardous for anyone without professional training to handle hydro-jetting equipment.

Professionals can also take care of drain cleaning faster than any amateur, saving time and money as they sweep through the house and ensure that every drain receives the full cleaning it needs. It doesn’t take long before all the drains in the house have gotten a full scrubbing, leaving a plumbing system in great condition.

So whether you have a drain clog you can’t remove or you want thorough preventive drain cleaning, call the best local team of pros: ours!

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