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Serving the Lubbock Area

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6 Important Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Furnace

It’s furnace season, and although you might not have your home’s furnace running as often as somebody who lives in Milwaukie or Minneapolis, you’ll still rely on it during the winter. Sometimes it does get extremely cold here in Texas!

With that in mind, we want to pass on some important care and maintenance tips that will help your furnace run safely, efficiently, and effectively through the season. 

#1. Schedule professional heating maintenance

Yes, the first maintenance step is “let somebody else do most of it.” Although we’ll share some maintenance jobs you can do yourself, the main work needs to be left to professionals. When you schedule heating maintenance in Lubbock, TX with our technicians, we’ll give your furnace a complete inspection and tune-up using the best tools available. This will improve your furnace’s efficiency, prevent the majority of repairs, keep the furnace running safely, and make your home heating reliable throughout the winter.

#2. Regularly change the furnace filter

This is the key maintenance job you’ll have to do on your own through the winter (although our team can do the first filter change during the maintenance appointment). The filter that protects the interior of your HVAC system from dust and debris infiltration will eventually become clogged and need to be replaced. Leaving a dirty filter in place will severely affect energy efficiency and can lead to damage to the furnace. We recommend changing the filter every one to three months. Make regular checks to see if the filter has become congested.

#3. Clear the area around the furnace

Furnaces are often located in garages, basements, or closets, which are places where people tend to store items. You don’t want any items stored next to the furnace, however, since the furnace heats up when it runs and the risk of flame roll-out can also cause objects to catch on fire. Give the furnace a clear area of about three feet, and be cautious about storing highly flammable materials (varnish, paint thinner, cans of fuel) anywhere near it.

#4. Clean the air vents in the house

Air vents often pick up dust and lint over a season, and this will interfere with the airflow from the furnace. It also puts more pollutants into the air. Take a duster or a damp rag and clean off all the vent covers around the home. 

#5. Make sure vents are unblocked

While you’re going around the house cleaning the vents, make sure all of them are fully open and that no furnishings or rugs are obstructing them. Blocked vents place more pressure on the furnace and the blower and will lead to a drop in energy efficiency and possible leaks in the ductwork.

#6. Establish rules for your family

During the summer, children in a home might start to play around the furnace and not realize what it does. Make sure that any children in your home know not to play too close to the furnace and that they understand that the furnace exterior can become hot. 

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