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JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Blog

Don’t Let These Drain Noises Surprise You!


The chilly season is right around the corner, which means we might be spending more time indoors and using our appliances. This is all well and good until you hear a strange noise come from your drain. What gives?

While it’s likely not a ghost, it is likely that you need a plumber. A gurgling sound from a drain, whether it’s in the bathroom or the kitchen, can indicate one of two possible problems. Here’s what you need to know.


You would certainly have already noticed if you had a complete drain blockage. The water simply wouldn’t be able to go down the drain. But a partial blockage can still be a big problem. The gurgling might be the sound of water that was caught on one side of the blockage finally making its way through.

The common recommendation of using a small sink plunger to dislodge a clog may be less effective with a partial blockage, but is still a reasonable thing to try. A hand-cranked drain snake is more likely to resolve the problem. But it may not reach deep enough into your drainage system, as those gurgles tend to be from deeper clogs.

Don’t pour liquid chemicals down your drain! These so-called drain cleaners are extremely caustic, dangerous to your skin if you come in contact with them, and even risky for your eyes and respiratory system just because of the fumes. And they can do damage inside your drains that will cause clogs to build up faster on the now-roughened surfaces.

What you need is professional drain cleaning in Wolfforth, TX. The high-tech equipment modern plumbers use can reach deeper blockages with ease so you can stop worrying about those creepy noises—and stop worrying that your partial clog will close up entirely and block your drain.

Sewer Gasses

The other possible cause of a gurgling sound in your drains is the release of sewer gasses. Your drainage system has a safety precaution in place to prevent sewer gasses, which are toxic and can cause health risks, from entering the air of your home. But sometimes a problem interferes with the system meant to keep you safe.

Sewer gasses are directed to a vent, generally on or near your roof. This keeps them from bubbling up through your drains, causing bad smells and gurgling noises. But if that vent is compromised in some way, perhaps being blocked by windblown debris or a squirrel or bird nest, those gasses will force themselves out any way they can, including through your drains.

This is a serious issue and requires prompt plumbing assistance to avoid the health risks associated with breathing sewer gasses. How can you tell if this is your problem? It’s more likely to be a sewer vent issue than a simple clog if you’ve got nasty odors as well as gurgling noises, and they’re coming from multiple drains in the house.

When you’re worried about your drains, we’re ready to help.

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