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Do You Know These Signs of a Plumbing Leak?

It’s easy to see a dripping faucet or notice a flood in the basement when the washing machine stops working properly. Other plumbing leaks are harder to pinpoint, and that often means they can be harder to repair soon enough before they cause extensive damage. 

If you know you have a leak, Lubbock, TX, plumbers are readily available to help you. And, even if you’re not sure there’s a leak, it’s best to call out a team to find out.

Look for These Signs of a Plumbing Leak

Sometimes plumbing leaks are not easy to spot. Yet, paying attention to what’s happening around your home could give you some indication of what’s occurring. Here are a few signs you don’t want to miss. 

Your Bills Are Higher

Increasing water bills without any noticeable changes in your habits could indicate a problem with plumbing. A small leak in a pipe you cannot see can create a much higher water bill, even if it is just dripping every few minutes. If you have a water line leak, you could lose 700 gallons of water in a 24-hour period or more. If this is under the floor or outside of the home, you may not see it.

A Drop in Water Pressure 

If you turn on your faucet and the water pressure is lower than it used to be, that can also indicate a leak, and often a larger one. If water is going towards another source or opening in a pipe, there’s less of it to flow to your sink. This could also mean there’s a blockage someplace in the system that’s causing a slowdown as well. 

Your Water Meter Keeps Running

Turn off all sources of water in the home and look at your water meter, the device the water company uses to monitor the flow of water into your home. If you’re confident nothing is expelling water but the water meter is running, that indicates there’s a leak somewhere. Every bit of movement means you’re being charged for water, too!

Know the Visible Signs of a Leak

It’s not hard to associate a massive leak, but sometimes leaks are not just flowing water. Some other visible signs include:

  • Moisture that’s on the walls of your home that you’re unsure where it came from
  • Dripping from your ceiling fixtures could indicate a leak above that area 
  • Puddles of water in the basement or on the lowest area of the home
  • Lots of water pooling in an area of the backyard or outdoors when it hasn’t rained 
  • Cracks developing in the foundation or basement walls that are new, especially if they look like they’re crumbling

Anytime you notice there’s a significant amount of water consumption or wet areas of the home, get it inspected to be sure there’s no leak present. If you don’t do this, the leak is likely to worsen, causing more damage to other areas of your home, including the structure itself. 

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