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JD's Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Blog

Is Professional Duct Cleaning Worth It?


The average individual probably doesn’t think very much about the air ducts snaking their way through their home, and this is logical. After all, ductwork is mostly hidden from view for a good reason. Homeowners shouldn’t really have to think about the condition of their air ducts too often, but from time to time they do need attention.

While you certainly do not need to understand all the “ins and outs” of your ductwork, there are a few things we would like to share with you about how dirty ductwork can impact your overall indoor air quality (IAQ).

Our professional duct cleaning services ensure that the air ducts that move air through to your living space each and every day is clean and breathable, and contribute to good HVAC efficiency. Read on to learn more!

Professional Duct Cleaning Helps Your IAQ

The primary reason that the majority of homeowners schedule professional duct cleaning on a semi-regular basis is to improve their overall indoor air quality.

Sure, your HVAC systems have air filters. But did you know that these air filters are actually not in place to protect your indoor air quality? Instead, these air filters are in place to protect the interior components of the HVAC systems themselves. They certainly don’t hurt your IAQ, but your IAQ needs something more.

And yes, there are whole-house air filtration systems and air purifiers that help too, but you’ll still want to have your ducts cleaned on occasion. The reason for this is because allergens, dirt and debris, germs, bacteria, and other irritants can infiltrate your ductwork through cracks in the ductwork itself, through your vents, or even just from years of sitting untouched.

Professional duct cleaning allows our professionals to completely eliminate this debris, making it less likely that allergens and germs will make their way back into your living space.

Professional Duct Cleaning Helps HVAC Performance

All the debris that’s likely built up in your air ducts may be interfering with the operation of your forced-air cooling and heating systems. The most efficient HVAC systems heat or cool the air, and then blow it back out to the rooms of your living space through the most direct route–your air ducts. So, dirty ductwork can create friction and resistance that will slow down the air.

Basically, if your air ducts are too dirty, you may be paying more for your air conditioning and heating than you should be. Even worse, there’s a good chance that your ductwork has leaks in it, and you could use a professional to assess whether any part of your ductwork actually needs replacement. We can make an appointment for you during your duct cleaning!

Only Trust the Pros!

It’s important to remember that you should only trust trained and qualified HVAC professionals for this kind of work. Anyone can say that they provide duct cleaning, but only true HVAC technicians will do an effective job, while guaranteeing that they do not damage any of your ductwork.

JD’s Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is your trusted resource for professional air duct cleaning in Lubbock, TX. Contact us today!

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