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Why Maintenance Is Vital for Your Tank Water Heater


If there’s anything that most homeowners universally enjoy, is a nice hot shower at the end of the day to get clean and refresh. There’s also not a lot less enjoyable than being surprised when your warm shower suddenly turns cold. If this has happened to you before, it probably didn’t make you very happy!

Nobody likes this kind of wake-up call from their shower, and from their water heater. This could very well mean that your water heater is struggling to do it’s job, and if you delay having it checked on, you could end up needing to replace it sooner rather than later.

Of course, you can avoid all this water heater drama with one important service–water heater maintenance. Maintenance isn’t often thought about for water heaters, but it is really important. Read on to learn why!

Prolong Lifespan and Prevent Early Replacement

When you have regular annual maintenance done for your water heater, where it is flushed and inspected, it helps your system run more effectively overall. Repair needs are caught early before they turn into much bigger problems, and so you don’t have to worry about exacerbating wear and tear. As a result, the system will last longer and be less likely to need early replacement.

With maintenance, a tank water heater can last 15-20 years. Without maintenance, that lifespan could be caught in half–thanks to corrosion and other ill effects.

Fewer Repair Needs

A well-maintained water heater is less likely to need excessive repairs. This is because any small, technical problems that would normally cause an issue requiring repairs are addressed during maintenance.

We also check on an important component called the anode rod. This component is responsible for absorbing rust and corrosion, but it needs to be replaced every few years. This is a normal part of water heater maintenance, but if you skip maintenance and the anode rod doesn’t get replaced when it should, that rust and corrosion can reach the lining of the water heater tank, instead.

Improve Energy Efficiency

A water heater tune-up is a service that saves you money in multiple ways, including helping you spend less on energy. Your water heater getting routine checks will let it use its fuel source more efficiently, meaning it uses less than a water heater at the same ages that isn’t being maintained properly.

Trust Our Team for Your Water Heater Care

It’s important that whatever service you’re having done for your home comfort systems, you only trust a professional for the job. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced with water heater maintenance and more.

We know what to check for to ensure that your water heater is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. We know how to thoroughly flush the water heater so that hard water minerals don’t start collecting onto the heat exchanger causing ineffective water heater use. You can count on thorough water heater maintenance from our team!

For professional services on Lubbock, TX water heaters, contact JD’s Prompt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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