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Hydro Jetting Is Quick and Saves You Money


Do you have trouble with your drains? Are they slow? Do obstinate clogs crop up more often than you’d like? Are there unpleasant smells? You’ve probably spent much too much time and frustration, and possibly money, trying to deal with it. We’ve got a better solution for you! Have you heard of hydro jetting? It’s amazing, and can completely resolve your drain issues. We’ll tell you all about it.

Acceptable Home Methods

You can purchase a little sink plunger or a hand-cranked drain snake to try to address your clogs. You can pour baking soda and vinegar down your drains to try to clear up unpleasant smells caused by a buildup of waste and developing bacterial colonies. These are safe, nontoxic options that won’t damage your plumbing. But these solutions might not work, and even when they do, the relief they provide is temporary. The same conditions that caused your clogs and smells are still there. 

Dangerous Home Methods

You’ve probably been tempted by big plastic bottles of liquid drain cleaner. This is not a good solution! They’re so caustic that they can burn your skin, and the fumes are hazardous to your eyes, nose, and throat. They can even corrode the insides of your drain pipes, leaving a roughened surface that’s even easier for food waste and soap scum to stick to, making clogs build up even faster. 

A Fantastic Solution

Hydro jetting uses just water—no caustic chemicals—to clean your drainage system out from top to bottom. Actually, it begins at the bottom, by inserting a line all the way through to the sewer pipe that carries all your drained water away from your house. A hydro jetting machine brings water to a very high pressure, and it’s sprayed through a nozzle at the end of this line. The direction of the nozzle can be adjusted, so it can spray all around. As the line is withdrawn, it pressure-washes the insides of your drain pipes, removing all residue and even mineral scaling, until it comes out the other end and your whole drainage system is clean.

Time and Money

How much time and money have you put into fighting with your drain clogs? You’ve purchased plungers and snakes and maybe even multiple bottles of that drain cleaning liquid (which you’re never going to buy again, right?). And then you’ve done it all over again and again, because the problems keep coming back. You’ve only dealt with one little section, and the rest of the buildup throughout your system means that section will keep clogging and getting smelly. 

Hydro jetting will get the whole shebang sparkling clean, and your problems will not recur for a long time. Instead of getting your sink to drain for a few weeks, it might be years before you need to worry about it again. That said, if you have hydro jet drain cleaning in Slaton, TX done once a year as part of your household maintenance routine, you’ll never need to worry about clogs.

And all this can be done in just an hour! In some cases, with severe buildup or a larger plumbing system, it might take an hour and a half. Can you imagine having all your drain woes solved in such a short time? And never buying drain cleaner or wrestling with a snake or plunger again?

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