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Help Your Air Conditioner Cool Your Home Better!

Monday, March 22nd, 2021

The cooling season is right around the corner, and when you start using your air conditioner this spring and summer, you want to do so efficiently, right? After all, while it is of course vital to have proper air conditioning in the Lubbock area, nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg to stay comfortable in their own home.

This is one of the reasons maintenance is so important. Air conditioner maintenance helps your AC system perform as efficiently and effectively as possible, for as long as possible. But maintenance isn’t the only way to help your air conditioner cool your home better. Read on to learn some other methods you can take too.

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Is It Too Early to Tune Up Your Air Conditioner?

Monday, March 8th, 2021

With the crazy winter we just experienced, it’s hard to imagine that it’s almost time to start thinking about our cooling systems. But you know as well as we do that when it does get hot in our area, it gets hot fast, and you need a fully functional and reliable cooling system to keep you comfortable and healthy all summer long. So, if you’ve had your air conditioner for a year or longer, no, it’s not too early to tune it up!

Properly maintaining your air conditioner on a regular basis will help it to work as efficiently as possible, costing you less money to run it every month. Plus, maintenance helps prevent problems that can shorten its lifespan and/or leave you with expensive repair bills. Read on to learn more!

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